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Everyday we cross paths with mobile apps aspiring to make our daily lives easier but many still struggles with busy UI and confusing UX. Featured here are a collection of our conceptual mobile app designs - a reimagining of everyday services inspired by the UI/UX of our past projects.


We want to showcase the possibility of a simplified design marrying the functionality in seemingly mundane applications. Even the mundane can look good and work good. So, we’ve taken our spin on some of the most commonly used mobile applications and refreshed it with an engaging and futuristic UI/UX. It’s our “why not” solutions to our “if only” wishes.


Our goal with the design here is to contrast the norm. We wanted to challenge ourselves to stand out without using any predominantly shouty colours like red or orange. Instead, we traveled to the other end of the spectrum and explored the different hues of blue. And believe it or not, it turns out that it doesn’t need to be loud to be proud.
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