KOS Naturals
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“Tofu has both true artistic talent and a deep understanding of user behavior and design principals. Add to this exceptional professionalism and communication. Very rare to find this all in one package! The work they did on our project speaks to their incredible capabilities. Amazing company!!”

Allan Stevens, CEO

Project brief

When Allan Stevens, CEO of KOS Naturals, reached out to us and shared with us what KOS was doing, we were sold. We absolutely loved the branding, story, and vision - it resonated with us and we knew we had to jump into it. We were asked to redesign their entire website to hero the character design they already had as well as amplify the personality of their branding. He needed someone to take their existing elements and create it into a fully realized vision.


What we’ve done with KOS’ website is to think about it as a story. We approached every page as though it had a beginning, middle, and end to capture the energy and playfulness of their brand. We tried to do without any visible structure or grid - keeping the layout open allowing the products and its characters room to move.

Doubling down into the details, we’ve dialed up their brand identity even more by using paint stroke designs for the website’s CTA buttons and info cards. We’ve minimized all uses of straight lines wherever possible to keep an easily identifiable personality across the entire site.

Illustrations: Juan / Developer: Jignesh

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