The Mindfulness Application
Design & Copywriting
“The goal of the app is to be a respite for modern living, a soft whispering guide - visually and audibly - translated through clever use of colours, copywriting, and UX principles”

Daphne Loong


The Mindfulness App is a conceptual mobile and web app birthed from our personal experiences working in a fast-paced environment. We noticed how we allowed each fleeting moment to pass us by - having little to no recollection of them - and decided we had to take control of our lives again. We adopted the mindfulness method during our pursuit and little did we know that our interpretation of it would blossom into one of our best projects yet!

Visual Language

The app is all about helping people find their center again - the balance they need to lead a lifestyle that makes sense to them. The idea was to create a platform with a welcoming visual language - inviting users with open arms to a place of relaxation. The colours and use of gradient in the app reminds us of the sunset - a calming end to the day projected to cue a much-needed exhale. The heavy use of soft curves and organic shapes are easy on the eyes and follow the same design cues to soothe the soul.

User Experience

The UX of The Mindfulness App communicates clarity through an incredibly simple navigation system to ensure it becomes the least of the user’s worries. It is agnostic in nature with a bottom navigation bar so the app feels at home on every device whilst having all of the user’s frequently accessed tabs within reach.

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