Pause Wellness
UI / UX Design and Illustration

Project brief

We were approached by Pause Inc’s Co-Founder and CTO Shubh Jagani to embark on an exciting journey together to design a meditation app based on our The Mindfulness App design that integrates with their amazing meditation pods designed by award-winning architects OylerWu Collaborative.

What Pause is doing is empowering the workplace with a meditation experience powered by artificial intelligence to allow for impactful work-life balance that targets the mental well-being.


A specific request from Shubh was to design closely based on The Mindfulness App’s existing design. We took that as our base inspiration and tailored the overall UI to Pause’s company color - personalizing it into something that makes sense for the company. We used a blend of blue, white, and orange - a color palette similar to daybreak - for a floaty, ethereal look and feel aligned with the purpose of a calm, inviting meditation session.

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