Poster Collection
Graphic Design
“This poster collection is really just that - a poster collection. It’s an exercise I did to push both my personal boundaries and the boundaries set by the giants before me. I wanted to see how far I could take each style without losing its essence - balancing an honest homage with a refreshed perspective”

Daniel Tan


Swiss. Dadaism. Bauhaus. Constructivism. Art Deco. Art Nouveau. You name it. They were all the basis of my inspiration for this collection. Some are an amalgamation of several movements while some are purely a reimagination of what it could be in 2017 - an “anything goes” design exercise to flex my skill set.

Visual Language

Each poster was designed to reflect an era, culture, or personality of the subject. For example: The Dash Bike Race poster is a Swiss-inspired piece with an asymmetrical text order to represent speed and movement in an otherwise static medium. Another example is the Road Safety poster - an idea I had about transforming menial and seemingly boring announcements into something worthy of art. I wanted to dip my hands into blurring the lines of corporate announcements vs. artistic posters and find a path that allows them both to meet. Imagine what a world we’ll live in if all “boring” posters looked a little more like this, right?

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