UI / UX Redesign Concept

Project brief

We’ve been using the Malaysian Starbucks app for a while now and each time we use it, we are reminded by how it feels like an after-thought. It doesn’t seem to reflect the same Starbucks-branded lifestyle - the friendly yet exclusive appeal all Starbucks stores have. So, we decided to take a stab at redesigning it as part of a portfolio project to answer the big “what if” question.


The design is primarily inspired by the experience we think about when we step foot into a Starbucks store: friendly baristas, ease of navigation from ordering to collecting, and of course the liveliness of the cafe. We applied a generous use of white space to create the breathability of space and ultimately to allow Starbucks’ already successful branding to take the limelight. We use microinteractions to keep the app buzzing with energy - seamlessly connecting you from store to app and app to store. store.

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