Arca De Noe
Interaction Design

Client Brief

Marcos contacted me on February 2018 to reboot the UI/UX design of Vivapets (or Arcadenoe in Portugese). They wanted to shift their business model from an online pet community into a massive scalable eCommerce platform for pet supplies to support pet owners with high quality products, services, and content.


Based on a pre-selected theme by Marcos, I helped establish a solid visual identity to reflect a friendly yet modern personality to appeal to pet lovers and owners alike. I’ve also worked closely with Marcos and his team to develop a clear and functional navigation system that was responsive across all platforms.


The bright colours and wide-eyed animal imageries are purposefully photo-manipulated to play to the brand’s approachable and family-oriented direction - welcoming pet owners to shop in a place that understands them. I selected Cabin for the site’s typography because of its simple curves and legibility - a perfect pairing to complete the brand’s friendly approach.

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