Interaction Design
“Working with Daniel went smooth - even though we were working with an 8 hour time difference. The design was nice and clean and the layout worked out really nice. Communication overall was good. Good quality for your money”

- Daan Tol, CEO of WPLift
Application of design on desktop view

Client Brief

After taking over WPLift in 2016, Daan approached me to breathe new life to the brand and its website. His vision was to create a platform that stood out amongst the other Wordpress blogs, conveying an intricate feeling of both professionalism and exclusivity. He wanted every visitor to feel special - like they’ve found a hidden treasure trove. On top of an aesthetic facelift, Daan also needed help with maximising the use of space for simpler user experience and clearer navigation.

A strict grid system governs the website for space efficiency and scalability


I worked closely with Daan to reboot WPLift’s visual identity with a more concretised concept, following the same vein of the company’s already bold direction. I also redesigned the website to solve his navigation issue by creating modular blocks for more efficient use of space and for future scalability - versatile for adapting to new features and content.


The new visual identity needed to reflect WPLiftʼs bold and dynamic personality - one that was relatable and instantly memorable. When Daan and I hit our eureka moment of the space concept, it was quite honestly a magical moment. We took the idea of “lift” into “lift off” and developed a fun character to be the face of WPLift along with a complementary colour scheme of blue and red hues.

*The design shown here is an updated version of the live site to better represent my current skills as of June 2018.
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